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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage relieves the common discomforts of pregnancy!

What should you expect?

Massage will take place in a side lying position, alternating left and right to ensure good blood flow.  Pillows pillows pillows for comfort.  There will also be a super quick check for abnormal swelling(pitting edema) and blood clots.  It's not a deep tissue massage, but with decent pressure and lighter on abdomen, legs and feet.

All followed by a light snack and refreshment!


Benefits of Prenatal Massage

*  Can reduce tension and stress

*  Relieves tight muscles

*  Helps the lymphatic system function better to remove toxins

*  Reduces pain and swelling

*  Helps insomnia

*  Improves mood

*  Helps to prepare for labor

Stress and pregnancy don't mix!

It can cause:

*  low birth weight

*  Premature labor

*  Increased labor discomfort and longer labor

*  Increased blood pressure for you and baby



** If you have any of these symptoms, please consult your healthcare provider ASAP. 

These conditions are contraindicated for massage **

* any bleeding                             *  placenta previa, abruptio or accreta

*  fever, diarrhea, nausea           *  placentitis

*  pneumonia                               *  severe abdominal pain

*  diabetic complications            *  throbbing headache

*  high blood pressure                 *   visual disturbances

*  shock                                          *  preeclampsia

*  infectious conditions                *  no fetal movement in 8hrs

*  preterm labor                            *  ectopic pregnancy

* pitting edema
































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